Walking Tours

Our most popular tour! Join us for a 5k walking tour (about 3 miles) featuring the newest murals in downtown and midtown Sacramento.
Duration: approximately 2 hours. 

Running Tours

The same route as our 5k walking tour (about 3 miles), but this time we run to each new mural location! 
Duration: approximately 1 to 1.5 hours
Average pace: 11:00/minutes per mile

Biking Tours

Our newest tour! Join us for a 5.5 mile biking tour featuring all the murals in downtown and midtown. Bring your bike and roll with us!
Duration: approximately 2 hours


Capital City Highlights

Explore Sacramento's iconic sites and learn about the city's history during this 4-mile tour. 

Lady Bird Tours

Walking and running tours exploring the East Sacramento filming locations of Greta Gerwig's award-winning movie Lady Bird

Personalized Tours

Pick a time. Pick a day. Pick a distance.
We'll meet you there! (Perfect for schools, businesses, organizations, and entertaining out-of-town guests.)